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PRESYSTEM Black-in Blind

The hidden solution for blackout blind which ensures a highly aesthetic finish and top thermal insulation - even in summer.


PRESYSTEM Black-in Blind

The new PRESYSTEM® Black-in heat-insulated window system by Alpac allows the blackout blind to be installed while ensuring total insulation of the window on all four sides thanks to the combination of a special box with insulating sides and under-sill panel.

Unlike traditional solutions, the Alpac integrated system enables you to create the complete window finishing in a few minutes and with maximum ease of installation, while saving time and building costs.

PRESYSTEM® Black-in combines the roller blind and motorised insect screen into an all-in-one solution. Its specially shaped high-insulation box means that the two elements occupy a minimal amount of space, while avoiding thermal bridges. The box can also be equipped with a special acoustic barrier.

By way of sun shading, the roller blind ensures greater energy savings and, in the blackout version, provides a total blackout with no light filtering through the tracks. High wind resistance is achieved through a special hinge system, while fully-recessed side tracks positioned outside the clear opening create an effect of total simplicity.

PRESYSTEM® Black-in comes in numerous variants, to suit the type of masonry and position of the window. Alpac also offers complete technical and design assistance for the development of bespoke models, to meet the specific needs of the building site.

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