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Shutter and blind boxes

Easy rapid housing for any kind of shutter or blind.


Shutter and blind boxes

Alpac heat-insulating boxes are designed to house any kind of shutter or blind, easily and rapidly, and are manufactured in a wide range, entirely in-house on new-gen Alpac machines. They can be used with all kinds of windows and adapted to suit any kind of masonry and different profiles of roller shutters and sunshades, thanks to the many different customisation options, to ensure excellent heat insulation every time.

They are made in expanded sintered polystyrene (EPS), a high-density, stable, recyclable, long-lasting, non-toxic, waterproof material. Our exclusive patented relief fretwork guarantees the perfect seal for any kind of finish.

Alpac’s wide range of insulated shutter and blind boxes fully meets all the various planning needs in the building sector and includes specific sunshade boxes, thicker wall-mounted boxes for even better insulation and internal inspection versions when external maintenance will not be possible.

Alpac also offers complete technical and design assistance for the development of bespoke models, to meet the specific needs of the building site.

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