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The integrated system for controlling the passage of light and air, with focus on comfort and design.



Alpac PRESYSTEM® SPF is designed to house slatted sunshade systems that meets the need to control the passage of light and air, combining screening of the sun’s rays with cooling. In line with modern architectural trends, it ensures high levels of insulation and comfort.

High thermal and acoustic performance makes this system perfect even in situations that are critical from a thermal point of view (KlimaHaus or Passivhaus) or acoustic aspect (i.e. for Italy Class 1 UNI 11367).

For production, Alpac adopts the same cutting-edge technology used to make the insulated sides of the entire PRESYSTEM® range, with insulating sides in extruded polystyrene XPS and fibre cement (sides available in standard or thicker version), adding in this case a specially shaped high-density box for sunshades. This product can also be completed with an under sill panel with thermal break to maximise insulation levels.

PRESYSTEM® SPF is designed to house various models of sunshade and comes in numerous variants to suit the type of masonry and position of the window. Alpac also offers complete technical and design assistance for the development of bespoke models, to meet the specific needs of the building site.

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