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PRESYSTEM Click Series

The patented system for ultra rapid accurate assembly.


PRESYSTEM Click Series

PRESYSTEM® CLICK SERIES is perfect when speed and ease are top priorities: practical and rapid to assemble, it requires no specialist training and reduces both costs and work time.

This patented innovation is an integrated window system fitted with tracks that guarantee ultra rapid accurate assembly, even by non-specialist fitters. The ideal solution, even for window fitters.

It offers numerous advantages:
- Speed and ease of assembly:
the intermediate phases are eliminated.
- Elimination of errors: extremely accurate assembly thanks to the tracks.
- Reduced labour costs: rapid fitting even by non-specialist teams.
- Lower equipment costs: the system comes complete with an assembly kit.

The CLICK SERIES can be applied to PRESYSTEM® Roller Shutter and PRESYSTEM® Solid Panel and Slatted Shutters.

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