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PRESYSTEM Roller shutter

For window systems made to measure with high energy performance and maximum heat and acoustic performance.



The PRESYSTEM® SPC integrated roller shutter system is highly efficient in terms of energy and maximises thermal and acoustic performance. At the same time, it ensures accurate production cost quotes and lowers building costs, combining serial production with maximum customisation options.

PRESYSTEM® SPC is the integrated system specific for roller shutters, comprising insulating sides in extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fibre cement (sides available in standard or thicker version), high-density box, insulated cover. It can be completed with a fourth side, an under sill panel with thermal break.

Designed to house roller shutters in aluminium, steel, extruded material, pvc and wood, either motorised or manually operated, this product is available in the traditional FIX SERIES or the innovative CLICK SERIES, for ultra rapid easy assembly.

PRESYSTEM® SPC comes in numerous variants, to suit the type of masonry and position of the window frame. Alpac also offers complete technical and design assistance for the development of bespoke models, to meet the specific needs of the building site.

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