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Born innovators

We are optimists with a passion. Gratified by a job that has become a daily commitment, above all towards ourselves.

We see our integrated window systems as the first step to a new way of building that is responsible and increasingly more attentive to the environment and energy efficiency.

We promote the culture of change through research and innovation, to make our partners’ job easier and provide intelligent solutions for planners; to convey peace of mind and deliver guarantees on how our products work; to give added value to buildings and ensure more comfort for their inhabitants.

We make the difference with our people: in-house, sharing values and continual training; on site, through dialogue and cooperation with clients; on the market, thanks to the honesty, transparency and farsightedness that have always been our trademarks.

We are versatile, quick and bold. When the road starts to climb, you either stop or give it your all to reach the top. We fearlessly take the lead, straining towards our goal. Everything looks different from the top.

Because we are Alpac.