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Thinking lean, acting lean

Doing more with less: this is the basic principle of the Lean Production System, the industrial philosophy inspired by the Toyota Production System that consists in eliminating company waste and critical points in the production process through identification of activities that create real value for the client.

To improve internal efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, Alpac has decided to adopt this operational approach, prioritising analysis and reorganisation of internal procedures, simplifying production flows and improving service levels, with the objective of reducing all actions not directly linked to the production of value.

Our results speak for themselves:
- 50% reduction in average time spent compiling quotes and order proposals
- 30% reduction in safety lead time for critical materials
- 16% reduction in average throughput time for orders
- 13% reduction in space for roller and blind box production.

Today, thanks to continual optimisation of our production and management processes, Alpac delivers more value to clients using a smaller quantity of resources. This improvement in performance has positive repercussions for both in-house processes and the quality of products we offer the market.


Chief Operating Officer - Lean Enterprise Center - CUOA Foundation (Centro Universitario di Organizzazione Aziendale – University Centre of Business Administration)

"A Lean company is a business that has learnt to perceive and fix value as seen by the client as its main objective. Alpac is one of those companies that have understood the importance of this “management philosophy” and have chosen this path of transformation, which translates into true improvement in energy efficiency, both for in-house processes and the products we offer the market."