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For designing and building in the future

Right from the start, Alpac has focused on quality and continual improvement. A company that invests in research because we believe in the importance of innovation and share the need to prioritise ecology and comfort, efficiency and energy saving.

At Alpac, working with a passion also means promoting a true culture of energy, gaining the trust of clients, building companies, window fitters and planners. Every day.

Birth and rebirth

opening of our Rome branch to offer improved service for central and southern Italy

launch of PRESYSTEM® iGREEN, in 100% recycled material, and of PRESYSTEM® NATURÆ, in natural wood fibre

Alpac reaches a production capacity of 5000 integrated systems a month

further reorganisation of management processes and optimisation of synergy between the various offices

adoption of the Lean Production System, to further improve our quality and performance

inauguration of a production and commercial unit in Albania

expansion abroad: the Balkans, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France

launch of the PRESYSTEM® Serie Click, the integrated system with tracks for easier assembly

the start of commercial expansion from Vicenza to Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and central Italy. Our company expands its technical office, adds a dedicated logistics office and forms specialist teams for onsite fitting.

production of around 100 integrated window systems a month.

launch of PRESYSTEM®, the first integrated heat-insulating window system entirely in polystyrene, the result of constant research and attention to quality

inauguration of the new production unit in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, Italy

production of heat-insulating roller and blind boxes in our unit in Piovene Rocchette in the province of Vicenza, Italy

Birth of Alpac