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DNA and values


DNA and values

Alpac’s new logo and new positioning represent ongoing change and tell of the renewed impetus with which our company daily addresses the real needs of those who design and construct buildings and who fit windows and frames. Without forgetting the demands for energy savings and comfort of the people who live in these same buildings.

To forcefully reiterate this change and give the right visibility to core issues such as an aptitude to innovation, the courage to consider challenges from a new angle, energy culture and an ability to reinvent ourselves, Alpac has adopted an all-new brand manifesto and a pay-off, lean to lead, that is a true declaration of intent.

Lean to lead tells of an evolving company that goes lean to compete, striving for continual improvement and market leadership.

Alpac values


Our daily commitment is backed by optimism, passion and coherence: elements important for doing a good job and fundamental for making it gratifying.


People make the difference: we share the same values, the same objectives and we build dialogue with our clients so that we always find the most suitable solutions.

Quality of life

We work to improve the quality of life, respecting people, the environment and the future of society. Yet another reason for our efforts to spread the culture of energy saving.


We believe that maintaining an open mind, leaving room for creativity and prioritising farsightedness is vital. We make tangible efforts to continually improve.


There is no room for fear, if you want to be a leader. We tackle difficulties tenaciously and relentlessly, striving towards our goal. Convinced we will manage to turn our difficulties into advantages.


We want to solve your problems and do a good job. Honestly, transparently and competently. Guaranteeing results you can trust.