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An integrated window system full of advantages

Effective integrated systems turn your window into a link with the outside world and a provider of comfort and wellbeing. This is why we constantly study new solutions that increase room insulation, improving quality of life inside buildings. We design reliable, evolved, flexible products for easy installation of any kind of window frame and shutter or blind: such as our Alpac PRESYSTEM®, the first revolutionary integrated heat-insulating system in extruded polystyrene (XPS), a lightweight, resistant material, safe for the environment, and effective heat insulator that delivers stable performance over time.
From this single pre-assembled unit we then moved on to design a quick effective installation method.

More versatile

Tailor-made design

Alpac supplies bespoke solutions that meet the needs of every single building site. Our technical and design assistance optimises your costs and solutions.

Easier custom installation

The Alpac integrated window system arrives on site ready for installation, saving your building company time and money. On request, Alpac fitters can also provide a qualified service.

Prompt on-site delivery

We offer quick turnaround or scheduled deliveries, based on the different stages of work on site.

Technical and design assistance

We provide support that starts on the drawing board and continues with assistance during the curtain wall stage, assembly and installation.

More savings

Energy efficiency

We help to lower heating and cooling costs: the Alpac PRESYSTEM® integrated system uses technologies and materials that ensure heat insulation values in line with the standards in force and increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

Lower building costs

Alpac heat-insulated integrated systems lower building costs because, thanks to their all-in-one window solutions for stud openings. In addition, they are easy to fit even by non-specialist fitters.

Fixed price for every window

Alpac guarantees an all-inclusive final price at the design stage.

More insulation

Heat insulation

Windows are one of the most critical points for energy dispersion. Thanks to its specific structure, Alpac PRESYSTEM® eliminates thermal bridges to ensure high levels of insulation.


Alpac helps to soundproof the building, ensuring reduction levels compliant with the strictest standards and the most critical situations (e.g. hospitals, schools, in the vicinity of railway lines and airports). The result is wellbeing for every room in the home.

Respect for the environment

Social responsibility is a value that we promote every day. We use recyclable materials with a low environmental impact, which ensure considerable energy savings and a real reduction in CO² emissions.

More quality

Longer lasting

The materials we use to make Alpac PRESYSTEM® guarantee high levels of stability and a long life.

Product industrialisation

Our Lean Production System, efficient and highly industrialised, eliminates any manufacturing faults and at the same times delivers quality and punctuality, even for very complex large-scale building sites.

The perfect job

The prefabricated Alpac PRESYSTEM® integrated system reduces human error to a minimum, that often has a profound impact on the quality standards. It leaves our factory ready for one-stage installation.

More practical


The Alpac heat-insulated integrated window system is easy and quick to assembly and fit.

For situations that need utmost ease of assembly, we have patented the PRESYSTEM® CLICK SERIES, a system with tracks that guarantees ultra rapid accurate assembly, even by non-specialist fitters, lowering labour costs and time.

Our FIX and CLICK series mean clients can use their own fitters or, for more complex situations, take advantage of our turnkey service guaranteed by a specialist Alpac team.