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Teaching quality

We believe that people make the difference. We have included this statement in our manifesto and repeat it every day. This is why we provide training for our clients and specialist professional figures. Because we know the value of the culture of energy and strive to promote it every day.

This has led to the creation of Alpac Academy, our “Integrated System University”, a research and training centre offering specific courses for architects, engineers, planners, building companies and window fitters on subjects such as thermoacoustic insulation, fitting and certification.

Alpac Academy updates professionals on evolving legislation thanks to contribution by top experts in the sector and gives them qualified competences in the characteristics and use of Alpac products.

Alpac Academy tackles fundamental building issues with a total approach that combines theory and practical, hands-on activity. An opportunity not to be missed by those wanting to grow their professional knowhow, increase their competitiveness and stay on top of market evolution.


“Window insulation: principles and solutions”

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